Our Mission

We intend to be the premier “Green” builder in our region. We go the extra mile to research and find the best products, methods, and materials at the best price for every customer. We pay special attention to environmental concerns, sustainability and designing of our homes so that they can achieve better energy efficiency and indoor air quality while lasting much longer with less upkeep. We believe that we should:

  • Make honesty and integrity the primary guide for our business
  • Treat others the way we want to be treated
  • Make fair deals with everyone
  • Participate and help in the community through clubs, organizations, church, and events
  • Hire and retain high quality employees who know how to create the extremely high quality structures we require for our customer
  • Stay abreast of technology and education so that we can offer the full range of service and knowledge that our customers deserve

What does being a Green Builder Really Mean?

This is a fairly new term and most builders will give it a different meaning, but for us it is primarily about building an air tight energy efficient structure. A green home should use less water, less energy, create less waste, and have a longer lifespan. With possible features such as solar power.

It should also be more comfortable for the occupants, it should be easier to use over the owners entire life span, and it should incorporate pre-arranged ways to be modified for aging in place. It should seamlessly incorporate universal design and design functionality of use. It should be elegant, sophisticated, and reflect the owners personality and lifestyle. A green home should create a minimum impact on the environment and should allow a minimal impact of man made pollutants to impact its occupants.

I am one of the few IGSHPA certified geothermal contractors in this region. I am also a certified green builder through the Green Builder College, and I spend countless hours researching the why and how of every single aspect of the homes I build.